Intel/Gawker/Gizmodo/Kotaku sent me to San Francisco back in August. They wanted to film me shooting photographs for 48 hours and also to complete a photo challenge. My challenge was to find the best competitive gaming in San Francisco. Luckily, Southtown Arcade came to my rescue with some of the most intense Marvel vs Capcom 3 battles I have ever seen. Watch me ramble about photos and eat a burrito at: http://gizmodo.com/5932628/a-look-at-the-craziest-competitive-gamers-youve-ever-seen

Also, a big thank you to NOW, NOW for letting me use an insturmental version of their song “Wolf” so I wasn’t stuck with smooth jazz for background music.

On Oct 16th, I will be doing a live chat on Kotaku.com to talk about gaming, photos, and everything else you won’t get a straight answer for.

10/10/12 at 1:29pm
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  2. taniavitela said: Ryan, great job! (Also, I finally heard your voice for the first time after being a fan of your work for about a year and a half).
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    Really wanted to go to this, but I had to work. Came out pretty awesome!
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    what i learned from this video clip: ryan russell is awesome and crosses his arms like a badass (i already knew he’s a...
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    Not only is Ryan Russel my favorite photographer, but this dude is rad and he picked to cover something I hold near and...
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